Here at Dulceria La Bonita Wholesale, we pride ourselves on our vast selection and excellent customer service. We've strictly upheld a tradition to candy excellence! Did you have a favorite candy when you were a kid? Do you have kids of your own who like unusual or hard-to-find confections? Chances are, you can find everything you need right here. From mexican to american, sweet to spicy, tiny to giant-sized, liquid to chunky, black to white, hard to chewy, gourmet to tamarindo, we've got it all!

We also pride ourselves in our Ice cream selection. We carry a wide variety of Frutifresca products. Whether you are looking for Milk Bars, Esquimals, or Ice Cream Cones we carry a wide variety of flavors and know you will find it here. You can find everything you need if you have your own Ice cream truck serving the valley. We carry all the hot items selling through out the valley! We carry any type of chips you can think of and in high demand such as Takis, Rancheritos, Hot Cheetos, Hot Fries and so much more just come on down. Dont forget to bring in all your coins we will trade them out here for you and you can use that to shop.

2311 N 35th Ave, Phoenix, Az, 85009, United States
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